Free nutrition workshop September 29th 6:15 pm

Hello Friends, I have some exciting news! I am leading a class called, Clean Eating Education, September 29th from 6:15pm to 7:30pm at the Gilbert – Baseline Natural Grocers, and you’re invited. Discover what clean eating means and the difference between conventional, organic, and Non-GMO Project verified products. Find out if you should eat clean and why. … Continue reading Free nutrition workshop September 29th 6:15 pm

Daily Fresh-Squeezed Juice

Eat a rainbow is the advice I give to most people who are asking. Some days that can be difficult depending on your schedule. Most days of the week I make sure I get a fresh fruit and veggie juice in my body. It makes me look and feel younger and it tastes delicious. I … Continue reading Daily Fresh-Squeezed Juice


I am sitting on my bed writing this blog post as my husband stomps around the house in his frustration and rage. We just had a fight. They don't happen very often anymore. When we were first married they happened all the time. A battle ground was how I described it. Sometimes I wanted to … Continue reading Surrender

2016 Webinar Series

This new webinar series starts January 12th is is totally free! I love to add value to whomever I reach, so please join me for these enriching topics: 5 Mistakes moms make when choosing a weight-loss strategy and the #1 most effective strategy "I eat healthy but I still can't lose the weight!" How real food … Continue reading 2016 Webinar Series

Letting Go

“Whatever it is that pulls the pin, that hurls you past the boundaries of your own life into a brief and total beauty, even for a moment, it is enough.” – Jeannette Winterson   The first time I came across the above quote I was in college and still naïve enough to have no idea … Continue reading Letting Go

I forgot how crappy this feels

I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to enjoy good health. Because of my lifestyle, I enjoy healthy, regular bodily function and very few aches and pains. Sometimes though, for the sake of fun or convenience, I indulge in food that is fast and easy to get in my body. Tonight was one … Continue reading I forgot how crappy this feels

Dodging toddler tantrums

Many parents can relate to the following behavior episodes from their youngsters: sobbing uncontrollably, refusal to cooperate, frustration at the tiniest irritation, inability to make up their mind about what they need or want and when questioned about what is wrong, they have no answer. No, I'm not talking about hormonal teenagers. I'm talking about … Continue reading Dodging toddler tantrums

Superbowl Snacking Without the Guilt

The Super Bowl is almost upon us. And Super Bowl Sunday, aside from Thanksgiving and Christmas, is one of the much anticipated days in the American tradition of enjoying the company of our loved ones and indulging in and overeating our favorite snack foods. If you're feeling anxiety over the foods that you'll find tempting … Continue reading Superbowl Snacking Without the Guilt

Not getting good or enough sleep?

Sleep is a very important and underestimated part of our health. Sleep and health go hand in hand and each contributes to the other. What do I mean? Adequate sleep contributes to good health and good health supports getting adequate sleep. Here's how.   Although there is great difference in opinion on the optimal amount … Continue reading Not getting good or enough sleep?