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Eat a rainbow is the advice I give to most people who are asking. Some days that can be difficult depending on your schedule. Most days of the week I make sure I get a fresh fruit and veggie juice in my body. It makes me look and feel younger and it tastes delicious. I pretty much do the same juice every day. It takes the thinking out of the equation since I’m usually being distracted by one or more children. And I don’t have to guess and hope it won’t taste like bitter kale. It boosts my immune system (I have a child in kindergarten) and fights inflammation and free radicals. It also includes every color of the rainbow except for blue. Here’s how it goes.

One juicing machine (I use the Omega 8004. It has an auger and a 15 year warranty)

3 large organic carrots quartered lengthwise

2 organic pink lady apples or 3 small organic gala apples

1 handful of organic purple cabbage

3-4 handfuls of organic mixed greens with baby kale

1 root of turmeric root

1 thumb knuckle sized ginger root

1 organic persian cucumber quartered lengthwise

Let one of your little ones help you make it. It’s fun for them and after some time of being exposed to it, they give it a try. Juicing is super easy and faster than I used to think. It’s so energizing to know I’m giving myself raw, live nutrients every day. Give it a try!

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Merianne Drew

Merianne works with moms who struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle while juggling family and professional commitments. Whether it's transitioning to a cleaner lifestyle on a budget, losing the baby weight, learning to cook around food allergies, or integrating healthy routines, Merianne supports moms of all lifestyles and schedules. Merianne's holistic style of coaching empowers individuals to take an active role in their own health by repairing their relationship with food and managing stress effectively. Merianne also supports corporations with wellness programs, group coaching programs, and health workshops.
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