Ten “healthy” foods you must stop eating NOW!


1.”Whole Grain” Cereal

Many cereals make many claims in the messages on the box. Do not be fooled. Even if it’s a good source of iron, whole grain or fake B-vitamins, if they taste sweet, they almost always have too much sugar. And besides, cereal is still a highly processed food. Remember, real food. Try making oatmeal out of rolled oats instead. It doesn’t take that much time.


2. Greek Yogurt

Even though greek yogurt is higher in protein than other yogurt choices, many of them contain too much added sugar. Many nutrition professionals argue that humans shouldn’t be consuming milk from other animals anyway, and while some people can tolerate dairy, many are either lactose intolerant or have a delayed dairy allergy they are unaware of. Dairy is in the top eight most common food allergens. If you have any autoimmune issues or skin problems, there’s a good chance that your body doesn’t tolerate dairy. Try eliminating dairy for a month to find out or you can take an IgG blood test from a reputable lab. Here’s a link to a good lab.

3. Egg whites

Don’t stop eating the egg whites, but do stop throwing out the yolk! Egg yolks contain most of the nutrition of an egg. It is rich in choline (something you need for eye health) and making your most abundant neurotransmitter (acetyl choline), biotin and fat soluble vitamins. “But what about the cholesterol?” you might say. Not to worry, dietary cholesterol isn’t very likely to effect total blood cholesterol anyway. Think about it, the yolk contains all the information and nutrients needed to create an entire baby chick! And it’s the tastiest part! Egg whites are just protein without a lot of nutrients. So go ahead, eat the yolk.


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