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A completely different life requires a decision and daily commitment to it.

You are expertly committed to lots of things in your life.


It's time to commit to yourself.

Rebuild your self-trust.


Direct your own will.

Claim freedom from the shame of lost time and lost trust.


30 Days to Wholeness

What to Expect:

  •  Daily text support (accountability and encouragement)

  • Daily questions to consider

  • Thursday 15-min coaching calls @1pmCT

  • Plan begins August 12th 2021 and expires September 30th, 2021



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Image by Aditya Saxena


"It was around a year ago when Merianne began helping me pull the wool from my eyes. It is through her heartfelt correspondence that I am, for the first time in my life, conscious to what it feels like to be safe, heard and validated. Not just for my feelings, but for who I am as a woman. The way she effortlessly uses her intuitive gifts is charming and refreshing. Our conversations are uplifting, enlightening and have helped me to recognize the truth of who I am. She doesn’t give me answers. Instead, she asks thoughtful questions that have led me down a path of self-discovery and acceptance. I think that is the best part about working with her. She doesn’t take charge, she allows me to walk the path I choose to walk, staying close by my side, supporting me. Gently nudging me along when I get stuck. She is just as curious and excited about where my journey will take me as I am. And because of this, I have had the courage to go after the things in my life that I really want and change the things I want to change."


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