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I am sort of a transformation doula – I provide intuitive guidance and support to individuals seeking clarity and courage in creating a life grounded in honesty and inspired by personal revelation. My clients appreciate my no-nonsense guidance from someone who has done the work herself and who comes from a place of non-judgment. 

I have experienced a complete implosion of my marriage, my health, my finances, my business, and my personal identity. At 32, I was living with my dad in his house, with my husband and three kids, not making it paycheck-to-paycheck, foreclosed, and never believed I was capable of offering the world more than waitressing; a job that made me anxious and angry. 

I was hit by the metaphorical truck, hauling away my most important external validation of worth - my marriage. In the face of this crisis, I took  the opportunity to uncover my core truth and redefine what is important to me according to the values of my soul. I continue to do the courageous work to recreate my life, my relationships, and my career based on values of my heart;  not the values of the world. I learned how to set boundaries and defend them with love. I achieved freedom from destructive eating patterns, negative body image, low self-confidence, harsh self-judgment and anxiety about judgment from others. I finally became the person I was always ‘shoulding’ on myself to be, but could never embody until I let go of my attachment to who I thought I was and my resistance to strategies I’d never given a chance. I “walk my talk” and do the same work I recommend for my clients.

I found a way to feel unlimited love

and compassion to comfort me

in any and all challenges I face.

As a result of doing my “work,” I discovered how to stop feeling the need to hide my true self from anyone. I found a way to feel unlimited love and compassion to comfort me in any and all challenges that I face. I guide my clients to discover the same within themselves instead of just encouraging them to model the outward manifestations of it. I approach each client from a space of curiosity and empathy and rely heavily on intuition.

I am unafraid to ask the vulnerable, intuitive questions that lead my clients to “big, chunky personal realizations.” My clients actually begin to feel confident and therefore do what confident people do; not giving a shit about appearing confident. My clients feel compassion for themselves and others and naturally do what compassionate people do; not giving a shit about appearing compassionate to anyone. My clients come to a heartfelt knowing of their inherent worth and become practiced in mental techniques to keep their thoughts in congruence with that knowing when old beliefs and thought patterns challenge them on their journey to create the life they desire. 

Ready to redefine your life?

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