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What ever happened to that health coach?

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Put simply, I've been hibernating - a.k.a excavating my unhealed wounds. Since you last heard from me, my life and relationship fell apart. It sucked! I had to get real honest with myself about how I was showing up in my life. For two years I've been healing and reimagining my self-esteem, health, marriage, future vision, and philosophy as a coach. Although it was the most painful experience yet, I'm overjoyed to have birthed something new!


Introducing a completely different Merianne!


To align better with my mission (healthy mind, body, soul), I've transformed from a health coach into an integrative life coach. I'm committed to showing up for you in ways I wished I could have before I met and integrated my darkness (more on that to come.) During my absence, I've been practicing being brave in my life and relationships. My commitment to being brave in the world started in July when I did something I was afraid to do: I hired a marketing and branding team. Ack! And I hired a new personal coach. Ack! In the weeks to come, you'll get a front-row seat to the rebranding and relaunching of my coaching practice! Holding nothing back, I'm committed to serving my clients and my 'courage clan' in the most powerful ways possible.

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