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The Missing Link

The world has become very different in the last 15 years. We can all sense it. Even if we don't know exactly what is different. It's there. Something's been replaced and it feels bad.

The missing component is this: connection.

Authentic connection has been replaced with wi-fi connection. People are more distracted by their devices and engaging with them more than ever. That means they're less engaged with people right next to them, and this results in feelings of chronic loneliness. Chronic loneliness has become an epidemic especially in the last five years and it's having an enormous impact on human health. They're more stressed, depressed, and anxious than ever. The result is a mental health crisis that is like a tidal wave to the current mental/emotional health services available - they just can't make a dent.

We NEED real connection. We can't be healthy without it. In fact, connection is the most life-preserving part of life. We all know babies don't thrive when they don't get enough affection even if fed a nutrient-dense diet. You may have heard of people who live to age 105, having a Dr. Pepper every morning and a cigar and whisky every night. How? They live deeply connected lives with the people in their communities.

It's hard to ignore the 1978 rabbit experiment intended to show the link between high cholesterol and heart health. The surprising results of which found that one group of rabbits were protected from the expected cardiac events that plagued the other groups of rabbits. What protected them? A lab researcher was petting and talking to them.

In our electronically-connected modern life, we often underestimate the transformative power of genuine human connection. Beyond the surface, beyond the fleeting online interactions, lies a profound truth - our face-to-face connections, be it with family, friends, or community, are foundational to robust health.

When we share our joys, sorrows, and vulnerabilities with others, we invite a healing energy into our lives. Research has shown that strong social connections contribute not only to emotional resilience but also to a reduced risk of mental health challenges.

In the sanctuary of trusted relationships, we find solace and support that act as a balm for the soul. As stress melts away in the company of loved ones, our bodies release oxytocin, the "love hormone," promoting a sense of calm and well-being. Shared laughter and joy become a natural antidote to the stresses of life.

My coaching philosophy integrates the wisdom of nurturing relationships to foster overall well-being. Through personalized guidance, coaching empowers individuals to cultivate and strengthen connections, unlocking the transformative power of love in creating a vibrant and joy-filled life.

If you'd like tools for pairing laughter with eye-contact, liking someone's witty comment with slapping real high-fives, and empathic furrowed brows and chins with warm heart-to-heart hugs, click here for resources that have helped me.

If you'd like personalized support, schedule a complimentary discovery session to explore how coaching sessions can guide you toward more meaningful relationships and flourishing well-being.

Connection - our well-being depends on it.

Merianne Drew

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